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What is the Appropriate Tire Pressure in Summer?

Pulished on May. 26, 2020

As a Skid Loader Tires Manufacturer, share with you. When I was a kid, I instructed my bike to tell me that the temperature in summer was high, and the tires could not be too suffocated, which could easily cause the tire to puncture. After owning their own car, many people still retain the habit of lowering tire pressure in summer. For fear of accidentally getting a flat tire on the high speed, the scene would be out of control instantly.

Telehandler Tires

Telehandler Tires

Is this really the case? Is high tire pressure really easier to puncture than low tire pressure? According to a report released by NHTSA, the tire pressure is lower than the standard value of 25%, and the probability of a flat tire is tripled; above 25%, the probability of a flat tire is doubled. This conclusion subverts the perception of many car owners.

Why is the tire blowout probability of low tire pressure twice that of high tire pressure?

If the tire pressure is too low, the area of contact with the ground will become larger. On the one hand, the friction coefficient between the tire and the ground will increase. Large, when the tire rolls to the top, the cord will return to its original position under the action of elasticity and tension, which will deform the inner ply and accelerate fatigue, and cause structural damage in severe cases.

When the tire pressure is high, the overall rigidity is enhanced. Although there will be no frictional overheating and excessive buckling, bulging or flat tires may occur when colliding with severe bumps, high temperatures, and sharp objects. If you only consider the normal driving factors, the tire pressure will be more likely to cause a flat tire when driving at high speed!

High tire pressure may not save fuel

Many people think that high tire pressure is more fuel-efficient than normal tire pressure. In theory, right! Because it is generally believed that the tire pressure is high, the friction area between the tire and the ground is reduced, and the friction force is reduced to save fuel. The editor has also seen the actual measurement of whether high tire pressure is fuel-efficient, and the conclusion is that high tire pressure is fuel-efficient. But this conclusion is contrary to daily perception of using a car.

Of course, the difference in fuel consumption of 0.15 L / km may be that traffic lights wait more and wait less, even headwinds and headwinds will cause this difference. But no matter from which aspect you understand, this test can draw a conclusion that is not a conclusion: high tire pressure may not save fuel, at least not much difference from normal tire pressure.

Improper tire pressure affects the life of the tire

Normal Skidsteer Tires standard inflation pressure between 2.2-2.8bar (cold tire pressure) correct tire inflation pressure. Under no-load conditions, ordinary cars are generally around 2.3 bar, and off-road tires are 2.5 bar.

Too high or too low tire pressure will cause shortened tire life.

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