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Do you know the basics of Skid Loader Tires?

Pulished on Dec. 09, 2019

A tire is a ground-rolling, round-ring elastic rubber product assembled on various vehicles or machinery. Usually installed on metal rims, it can support the vehicle body, cushion external impacts, achieve contact with the road surface, and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Tires are often used under complex and harsh conditions. It must withstand various deformations, loads, forces, and high and low-temperature effects when driving. Therefore, it must have high load-bearing performance, traction performance, and cushioning performance. At the same time, high abrasion resistance and flex resistance are required, as well as low rolling resistance and heat generation. Half of the world's rubber consumption is used for tire production, which shows the ability of tires to consume rubber.

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

How to store Skid Loader Tires:

Under direct sunlight or rain, it will not cause discoloration or small cracks.

If it is exposed to direct sunlight or rain, if it is left outdoors for a long time, it will accelerate the aging of rubber.

Protect tires from direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, rain, ozone, oil pollution, heat, etc. When storing a tire, it is important to place it in a cool, dark place and let out the air inside the tire. Please let the sunshine.

1. When it rains, please move the tires indoors to prevent water from entering the tires.

2. The tire is oil or water sticky, and it is easily damaged or deformed. So please keep it in a place without oil and water;

3. Please don't put it in the place that can cause the tire to be damaged or deformed;

4. Please do not place it near generators, batteries, etc .;

5. When disassembling the tire for a long time, please pay attention to chemicals leaking out of the tire and soiling the ground.

Like a 10 Inch Solid Rubber Tires Manufacturer, share with you the role of tires.

Tire is one of the most important components of a car. Its main functions are:

1. Support the full weight of the vehicle, bear the load of the vehicle, and transmit forces and moments in other directions;

2. Transmission of traction and braking torque to ensure good adhesion between the wheel and the road to improve the power, braking and passing properties of the car; work with the car suspension to alleviate the impact of the car while driving, And attenuate the resulting vibrations;

3. Prevent the automobile parts from being subject to severe vibration and early damage, adapt to the high-speed performance of the vehicle and reduce the noise during driving, and ensure driving safety, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.

Car tires can be divided into pneumatic tires and solid tires according to their carcass structure. Most modern cars use pneumatic tires. According to the level of air pressure in the tire, pneumatic tires can be divided into three types: high-pressure tires, low-pressure tires and ultra-low pressure tires. Low-pressure tires are commonly used in all types of cars. Pneumatic tires are divided into tube tires and tubeless tires according to their composition and structure. Tubeless tires are commonly used in cars. According to the arrangement of the carcass and the buffer layer inside the tire, the tire can be divided into two types: radial tire and bias tire. Radial tires are commonly used in cars. The side of the tire is marked.

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