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Can I Continue Driving with a Bulge Tire?

Pulished on Jul. 27, 2020

The tire is a key part of the vehicle, and it is a good idea to check it. So, what should I do if the tire has a bulge? As a ForkLift Tires Manufacturer, I would like to share with you the reasons for tire bulges.

The tire will deform after being strongly impacted. In severe cases, the internal air will make the tire partially bulge and form a bulge.

ForkLift Tires

ForkLift Tires

01 Poor driving skills

I want to park sideways, but I hear the sound of the tires rubbing against the road teeth; I want to go up the steps to park, but accidentally let the tires and the steps come to a "close hug".

02 poor road conditions

Some roads are full of potholes, and even scattered with hard objects such as stones. If you still drive the car at high speed at this time, it will naturally cause damage to the tires.

What to do with tire bulge

Can I continue driving after the tires have bulges? Can't! Obviously bulging tires pose serious safety risks. They are prone to puncture when running at high speeds. Vehicle owners should replace tires as soon as possible and cannot continue driving long distances.

Tips: In addition to bulging, nailed tires are also a common problem. If the bottom surface of the tire is punctured, under normal circumstances, you can drive to the auto repair shop at low speed, and then repair or replace the tire; if the side is punctured or the tire pressure indicator light is on, you should stop at a safe place immediately and seek professional help.

How to prevent tire bulge

01 Choose a good road to drive

Try to avoid driving in harsh road conditions for a long time. If it cannot be avoided, slow down as much as possible to prevent the tires from violently colliding with the uneven road.

02 Always check tires

Before driving, check whether the tires are cracked or scratched, and clean up the debris in the tire pattern in time. If the tire surface is severely worn, you should go to the auto repair shop to replace it in time.

In addition, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. If the tire pressure is too low, the tire will not have enough grip on the highway, which is prone to danger. Our company also has ForkLift Tires on sale, welcome to contact us.