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What is the Difference Between "Wide Tires" and "Narrow Tires"?

Pulished on Jun. 11, 2020

As a ForkLift Solid Tire Manufacturer, share with you. After a long period of use, car tires will show great wear and tear. At this time, new tires need to be replaced. The size and width of the tire are different, and the final experience will be different. So when changing to a new tire, many car owners are considering whether to change a tired style, especially the width and width can be determined by the car owner. So what is the difference between wide tires and narrow tires? Repairman: It will take a while to know, I hope you made the right choice.

ForkLift Tires

ForkLift Tires

First, let's talk about wide tires. The tread of wide tires is much larger than narrow tires, and they are generally used in high-end models, so many car owners think that wide tires are more upscale. But in fact, this is not the case. The tread of the wide tire is larger, and the area of contact with the ground is naturally larger. It can be more stable when driving, making passengers feel more comfortable.

However, wide tires also have their own shortcomings. Because the contact area becomes larger, the frictional force on the car is greater, which indirectly leads to increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the characteristics of wide tires are smooth driving and high comfort, but the fuel consumption is also high. The reason why high-end cars use wide tires is also because of their comfortable characteristics. As for fuel consumption, people don't care about this.

Narrow tires are the opposite of wide tires. The area ofcontact with the ground is relatively small. The reduced frictional force on driving also makes it have better fuel consumption. Therefore, narrow tires are common on fuel-efficient models. And its disadvantage is that the grip is not strong. This is the difference between wide tires when turning and speeding up.

After knowing their characteristics, I believe that the riders will know how to choose. It's just that when changing a new tire, the width can be changed, but it can't be changed too much, otherwise, an off-road vehicle must use a very narrow tire, it looks unsightly, and it also reduces the performance of the car.

As the temperature rises in summer, the probability of vehicle tire puncture also increases significantly. Tyre puncture is the accident that drivers are most reluctant to see. Especially on highways, vehicles are easy to lose control and the consequences are unimaginable. Adjusting tire pressure is an essential measure.

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