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How to distinguish the pros and cons of a Tire?

Pulished on Jan. 13, 2020

(1)Check if the tire is retreaded

Compared with brand tires, the biggest difference between retreaded tires is the wear resistance, and the most intuitive judgment method is: look, the tire tread appears blue, and the color is more natural; If you leave it, it meets the quality requirements. Tear, the rubber nail on the tread is not easy to break, and it can be restored to its original shape immediately after you release it.

(2) Identification and selection of tires

1. If the outer edge of the tire is worn, it means that the tire is often under-inflated, that is, the pressure is not enough;

2. If the inside of the tire is worn and the outer edge is burr-like, this indicates that the tire is deformed and the symmetry of the two tires has been affected;

3. If the two sides of the tire landing part are convexly worn, and the peripheral wear is corrugated, it means that the car's shock absorber, bearings, and spherical couplings are seriously worn;

4. If the center area of the grounding part of the tire is more severely worn, it means that the tire is often inflated;

5. If the tire pattern has been worn more smoothly, the tire must be replaced, and the life of the tire has officially ended.

Although the area of each tire in contact with the ground is only one palm, it carries the entire weight of the car body and passengers.

Scissor Boom Lift Tires

Scissor Boom Lift Tires

As a Scissor Boom Lift Tires Manufacturer, let me share with you how to enjoy the tires.

Cushioning and shock absorption

When driving on uneven roads, what guarantees the comfort of the ride? Tires! It is made of about 50% rubber with elasticity and the shock absorption of the air inside the tires ensures that you are free from bumps. 

Control and change the direction of the vehicle, transmit the driving and braking forces of the engine

Abrasion Resistance Tires is the only part of the car that comes into contact with the road. Whether starting, driving, braking, or stopping, your vehicle needs to “communicate” with the road through tires to complete your instructions.

Transfer steering wheel rotation:

Tires are a faithful performer of the driver's wishes. Steering and U-turns of a car require tires.

The sidewall is the rubber layer of the outer layer of the tire side ply, which is used to protect the carcass and has elasticity.

The bead is the part of the tire installed on the rim. It consists of a bead core and a bead covering to fix the tire.

effect. The tire specifications are expressed by dimensions such as outer tire diameter D, bead inner diameter or rim diameter d, section width B, and flat ratio (tire section height H / tire section width B). Our company also has Scissor Boom Lift Tires on sale, welcome to consult.