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How to check the tire?

Pulished on Dec. 30, 2019

Regular inspections can help prevent tire problems and ensure safe driving. Be careful when inspecting the tires!

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires Care and Maintenance:

Shallow tread:

Bare tires can slip on the road and can be damaged by potholes in the road. The tread groove must be at least 1.6 mm deep. If not, the tire must be replaced.

Help you see tread issues:

These are smooth bumps in the tread grooves: when the tread can wear to the "tread wear mark", the tire needs to be replaced immediately.

Little trouble:

Inspect the small stones, glass fragments, metal pieces and other foreign substances that penetrate the tread, and carefully clean them. If you embed them deeper while you are driving, this can cause serious problems.

As a Skid Loader Tires wholesale, share the solution with you:

1. If your car has a spare tire, please replace the damaged tire with a spare tire, and send your car to a professional Jiatong service station for inspection as soon as possible.

2. Tread holes with a diameter of 6 mm or less can be repaired. Tires with a diameter greater than 6 mm or any sidewall puncture holes, and tires with a pattern of less than 1.6 mm remaining groove depth, must not be repaired, otherwise, it will become Security risks.

Check the appearance of the tire: whether the carcass is cut or nailed

The main reason: the tire tread is pierced by sharp objects or nails

Impact on tires: potential safety hazards

Check the tire appearance: whether the carcass is bulging

main reason:

When driving on bad roads, the tire may hit deep pits or other foreign objects, which will cause the tire to have severe compression deformation between the impact and the rim flange, causing the tire wall cord fabric to break. At this time, the air inside the tire Drums will be formed from the yarn break. In addition, frequent scrapes on the road and tire scraping obstacles when parking may also cause damage to the tire wall.

Impact on tires: potential safety hazards


1. For safety reasons, replace the tire immediately.

2. Tire bulging or air bubbles cannot be repaired.

When the above-mentioned failure causes damage to the tire carcass structure, replace the tire immediately.

Leak slowly:

A tire loses a small amount of air pressure in a month.

But if you inflate every few days, check the tires, rims, and valves. If necessary, go to a professional tire shop to repair or replace the tire.

Air valve cap:

The small caps on these valve mouths prevent moisture and dust, so make sure you have them.

Also, when you change tires, please also assemble new valve caps.

It is dangerous to use damaged tires!

When you check, you find something you are not sure about: please go to a professional tire shop to check. Whenever a tire is found to be damaged, do not use it.

Improper driving will cause tire damage or wear too fast: If the car body vibrates or other problems while driving, and you suspect that the tire or vehicle is damaged, immediately reduce speed and drive carefully until you leave the main road and stop to check the tire.

If the tire is damaged: If you cannot see the damage of the tire, please send the car to a professional tire shop for a thorough inspection.

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