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Do you know Tires maintenance knowledge?

Pulished on Jan. 19, 2020

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As the saying goes, "Thousands of miles begins with one step." For a car, the wheels are the feet, and the tires are the shoes. Once a tire bursts while driving, it is not only difficult to walk, but also more likely to cause accidents. Therefore, the maintenance of tires is particularly important:

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires maintenance common sense To prevent tire bursts, we must pay attention to strengthening the maintenance of tires, and replace tires regularly. When the tire is gradually worn, the steel wire layer is gradually fatigued, and the tread is aging, its performance will inevitably weaken. The owner changes tires as much as possible on 4 wheels. If the degree of wear is different, try to put the new tire on the first two wheels. Before and after driving, pay attention to frequently check the tire pressure, including the tire pressure of the spare tire, especially in summer, the tire is in contact with the hot ground, if the tire pressure is high, it is likely to cause a flat tire. In addition, pay attention to the carrying capacity of the tires and do not overload them. Also, pay attention to the warning signs before a flat tire burst. If the steering wheel suddenly swings abnormally, the tire smokes, etc., get out of the car immediately and check the tire flatness in advance. In addition, in long-distance and high-speed driving, sudden braking should be avoided as much as possible because the sudden braking will reduce the "capacity" in the tire, increase the pressure in the tire, and cause a flat tire. Finally, speeding is strictly prohibited. Car tires have a "standing wave" phenomenon, which often occurs when speeding. This phenomenon can rapidly increase the tire temperature, accelerate the aging rate of rubber, and easily cause delamination and bursting, resulting in tire bursts.

With the development of science and technology, priority is given to radial tires and low-pressure tires. The radial tire carcass is soft, and the belt layer uses a fabric cord or steel cord with high strength and small tensile deformation. Therefore, this tire has strong impact resistance, small rolling resistance, and low energy consumption, and is most suitable for highways. At present, low-pressure tires commonly used in cars and trucks have good elasticity, wide cross-sections, large contact surfaces with roads, thin walls, and good heat dissipation. These characteristics improve the ride comfort and steering stability of the car and greatly extend the tires. The life span prevents the occurrence of flat tires. It is particularly worth reminding that if the driver finds that the tire is overheating due to high air pressure, it is absolutely not allowed to lower the temperature by deflating and pouring cold water into the tire. This will accelerate the tire aging rate and greatly reduce tire life. In this case, you can only stop the natural cooling to reduce the temperature and pressure. If the tire pressure is too low, the driver should inflate it in time and check whether the tire has a slow air-inflation phenomenon in order to replace the tire with good air tightness.

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