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How to Make Tires More Durable?

Pulished on May. 08, 2020

For a car, the tire is equivalent to the foot of the car, so that the car can travel all over the world. The tires are in direct contact with the ground, and wear is inevitable. If the road conditions are not good, the wear will become more serious. So, how can we maintain the tires and increase the service life of the tires? As a Tires For Skid Steer Manufacturer, share with you.

Scissor Boom Lift Tires

Scissor Boom Lift Tires

Remove debris in the tire pattern in time

When we drive every day, it is inevitable that we will crush small stones, plastic fragments and other debris on the road, and some foreign objects will be attached to the tires. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause great damage to the tires, especially when driving at high speeds. If there are foreign objects in the tire patterns that can easily cause the tire to puncture, then it is dangerous. Therefore, if you find small stones and other debris in the tire seam, you must use tools to pull out and try to ensure that the tire is clean.

Check Abrasion Resistance Solid Tires regularly

Tire pressure is an important factor that affects the life of the tire. It is not too high or too low. We need to check the tire pressure on a regular basis. The nails and the air leakage of the valve will cause the rapid decrease of the tire pressure. Through the air pressure inspection, hidden dangers can be found in time. In addition, it is necessary to inflate according to the tire pressure marked on the vehicle. It should be noted that the tire pressure will change with the temperature. Under the influence of thermal expansion and contraction, the tire pressure will also decrease in winter. If the tire pressure is improperly increased, it will not only increase the fuel consumption of the car, but also accelerate the wear of the car tires.

Pay attention to the load of the tire

When we pay attention to the tire pressure, we should also pay attention to the load of the tire, because the tire is the final component that bears the load of the vehicle. The structure, strength, and air pressure and speed of the tire are determined by the manufacturer through strict calculation. Tires that are overloaded without complying with the standard will affect their service life.

Check wheel alignment and dynamic balance

If you find that the vehicle is excessively shaking when driving, this may mean poorly positioned wheels or unbalanced wheels. These conditions will not only shorten the life of the tires, but also affect the handling of the vehicle and endanger driving safety. In this case, you should go to the tire shop to do dynamic balancing. In the case of uneven tire wear, such as tire shoulder wear faster than the rest of the tread, you can try to adjust the tire. The front and rear wheels can be crossed in the first adjustment.

Check tire wear

The main material of the tire is rubber, which will aging after years of wind and sun, affecting driving performance and safety. Generally, it needs to be replaced every tens of thousands of kilometers. So when do you need to change your tires? In fact, we can refer to the tire wear mark in the middle of the main drain groove of the tire. When the tire tread is worn to the level of the wear mark, the tire needs to be replaced. When the tire reaches the wear limit, the wet grip area is already very low, which seriously affects the safety of wet driving.

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