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Does the New Tire Have a Longer Braking Distance than the Old Tire?

Pulished on Apr. 24, 2020

The tire is one of the most important parts of the car, and it is also the first barrier to safety. Understand what "235/55 R19" means in order to choose the correct "shoes" for the car, but this is far from enough Whether it is suitable for a car or not in line with the needs, we have to look at the key indicators such as "wear resistance index" and "wetland adhesion". We will not talk about too much boring data, mainly to explain common but easily overlooked tire problems.

ForkLift Tires

ForkLift Tires

1. The new tire actually has a longer braking distance than the old tire?

This question seems very illogical. The tread of the old tire has almost worn to the indicator line. How can the braking distance of the new tire with a deeper tread be shorter? Michelin and some overseas tire testing institutions have conducted special research. The dry ground braking distance of the same old tires is 100-0km / h, which is about 4 meters less than that of the new tires.

First of all, the conclusion is that there is no absolute relationship between the depth of the tread and the braking distance. The reason why the old tires perform better in terms of braking distance is because the almost flat tread pattern makes the contact area of the tire with the ground larger, resulting in greater adhesion. Of course, the new tires have deeper treads, the drainage is naturally better than the old tires, and the handling performance on wet roads and rainy days will be better.

2. Should I change the tire in advance for safety?

Under the premise of not reaching the wear indicator line, the safety of the tire has no absolute relationship with the depth of the tread. The most important point is that when the tire is worn to a certain degree, it has lower rolling resistance (not adhesion) than the new tire. , So that fuel consumption can be reduced by about 5%, do not underestimate this 5%, a long time is also a large fee.

To put it simply, before the wear indicator line is reached and the aging cracks are not achieved, the performance of the old tire is not necessarily inferior to that of the new tire, and it can also save money. Kind of waste. Of course, if the tire is damaged or has been repaired many times, there is a higher safety risk or it is safer to replace it.

3. How much is the tire pressure suitable? To improve fuel economy?

Follow the original manufacturer's specifications. The tire has the maximum load. ForkLift Tires Manufacturer will affix the standard tire pressure of the front and rear wheels next to the door. This is calibrated according to the weight of the car body, the performance of the original tire and other factors. A decrease in tire pressure and an increase in contact area can improve adhesion. This situation often occurs on the track; a rise in tire pressure reduces the contact area, reduces adhesion, and saves fuel. This is what many people do.

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