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What should I do in the Summer to Damage Skid Loader Tires?

Pulished on Feb. 24, 2020

As a Skid Loader Tires Wholesale, share with you. During the use, maintenance and repair of Skid Loader Tires in summer, you should do the following:

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

1. Use a special tire protection chain at the rock site to reduce damage to the tire and other materials.

2. The degree of wear of coaxial tires should be roughly consistent, that is, the simultaneous replacement principle should be adopted as far as possible. When the loader travels in a straight line, due to the difference in the rolling radius of the drive wheels on both sides of the coaxial, the drive axle main reducer has a differential speed (otherwise, the tires on both sides cannot make the loader go straight), increasing the work of the differential burden.

3. In view of the same conditions, the wear degree of the front axle driving tire is greater than that of the rear axle driving tire, and the front axle tire can be regularly used for the rear axle. The front axle driving tires should be as good as possible, and generally more than 60%.

4. In order to reduce the use cost, retreaded tires can be used for rear axle drive tires, while front axle drive tires should be avoided.

5. Before loading materials, the driver should keep the bucket close to the ground and remove the scattered materials in the working area, especially when the loader is working on the demolition site of the old building, it must be confirmed that there is no exposed steel in the working site. Contour foreign objects above the ground to prevent accidentally tying the tire.

6. If the tire crown has been excessively worn, such as a partially exposed thread layer, the tire should be replaced in time. One is that the carcass of the tire is relatively intact at this time and can be refurbished, and the other is that the inner tire is intact and only the outer tire can be replaced. Once the tire is punctured if it is not replaced in time, the inner and outer tires will be discarded at the same time, and can only be treated as waste tires, and the gain is not worth the loss.

7. In the process of replacing and repairing the tire, the driver should install it properly to ensure that the inner tube has no folding and pinching. When replacing the inner and outer tires, in order to prevent the inner and outer tires and the cushion belt from adhering to the hub, you can apply an appropriate amount of talc to the inner cavity of the outer tire. Before applying talcum powder, the stagnant water and sandstone in the inner cavity of the tire must be removed with a rag, especially if the particulate impurities such as sandstone are trapped between the inner and outer tires, the inner tire will be damaged due to repeated squeezing. In addition, for the newly replaced inner tube, the lock nut connecting the bottom of the inflation nozzle to the inner tube is generally loose, and it should be tightened with a wrench before installation.

8. In the case of penetrating injuries to tires, in addition to the way in which the inner cavity of the tire can be used to lay pads under emergency conditions, repair methods such as fire repair can be used to completely seal the penetrating wounds. Our company also has Solid Skid Steer Tires For Sale on sale, welcome to consult.