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What should be Prepared Before the Vehicle Starts?

Pulished on Jul. 03, 2020

As a Mining Tires Manufacturer, share with you. Some people say that the car was not damaged, but was damaged! A few days ago, a car friend told the editor that he returned home at the end of the holiday, but found that the car could not catch fire, so the car will not be used for a long time, and many parts will be easily aging in advance. It has been a month since the outbreak of the epidemic. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, everyone lives at home and does not go out to bump into the car. But the holiday is about to end, and the resumption of work is imminent, but my car has not moved for half a month. What should I pay attention to when starting again?

Mining Tires

Mining Tires

01 Check tires

Tire is a component that comes into contact with the ground while the vehicle is running, and wear is inevitable. The wear of the tire is mainly caused by the friction between the tire tread and the road surface. When the car is placed for a long time, the air pressure of the tire will drop accordingly. During driving, there may be problems such as car jitter and instability. At the same time, the wear of the tire will also increase, which will also cause hidden safety hazards.

Therefore, we first need to check the tire to see if the tire has nails or bulges, and at the same time observe the tire tread and the lines on the sidewall. If the tire cracks, it indicates that the tire has been seriously aging. The aging tire is easy to rise due to temperature rise during high-speed driving. There is a danger of tire puncture. If there is aging or nailing, bulging, etc., the tire needs to be replaced in time.

Second, you need to observe whether the tire pressure is normal. Under normal circumstances, the reasonable tire pressure should be maintained at about 2.3bar. At least one of the three places near the cab or co-pilot door frame, near the left instrument panel, and the back of the fuel tank cover There is a label on the standard pressure of the vehicle tire.

It should be noted that the tire pressure on the front and rear tires of some models is different, and some models will give the standard tire pressure under different load conditions. Not only that, the spare tire also needs to be checked to ensure that it is intact and the tire pressure is normal.

02 Low battery

Battery is a must-have configuration for a car, and its function is very large. In addition to starting after the car is activated, it is also used for automotive lighting and vehicle electrical appliances. Of course, batteries have a lifespan. Under normal circumstances, the battery of a car can be used for about 3 years. Normally, the battery is used properly and the battery may last longer.

03 Body paint and chassis

Although the body paint will not affect the driving of the vehicle, the paint of the car is equivalent to the face of the person. The face problem must be solved. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, hard particulate matter such as sand and dust in the air, from the body surface, or the chassis is scratched, it will cause wear on the paint surface.

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