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Are the Weights on the New Car Tires Old?

Pulished on Jul. 13, 2020

As a Telehandler Tires Manufacturer, share with you. Car tires require frequent maintenance, but many car owners have not carefully observed the car tires, so the details on the car tires are not well understood. Some car owners found some counterweights on the car tires, which is confusing. Doesn't the car's counterweights only have to be balanced? Why are there new car tires? 

Telehandler Tires

Telehandler Tires

 Maintenance master: Very normal.

There are some small weight blocks on automobile tires. This is the tire balance block. The main function is to increase the weight of the tire at different positions, so that the tire can maintain balance under high-speed operation. And when we do dynamic balancing on car tires, this weight lead can come in handy, so when the owner sees the weight on the new car tire, he feels very strange and thinks if he can buy it. Used cars now.

Actually don't worry, when the new car is produced, although there are various processes and technologies to ensure the unity of auto parts, in the face of the quantity, even the smallest probability will appear, so some tires do not match the car itself. During the factory test, this kind of car will go off course. Many manufacturers will not replace the new tires because of cost considerations, but choose to add weights. Therefore, it is normal for new cars to be equipped with counterweights.

When we usually find that the car is running off, we have to perform four-wheel positioning or dynamic balancing on the car tires. In order to keep the tires balanced, the repair shop will use lead blocks to re-weight, but most of the businesses are in pursuit of profit. Generally, the car owner will directly replace the new tires, such as tires due to wear and damage to the wheels, generally only to be replaced.

Tire weight is normal, but if our tires have lead weights, we still need to be careful when passing through non-paved roads or water sections. Because the lead block is generally snap-on and adhesive, it is not very strong, and it may fall off for various reasons.

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