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What are the classifications of car Tires?

Pulished on Dec. 23, 2019

Car tires can be divided into pneumatic tires and Solid Skid Steer Tires according to their carcass structure. Most modern cars use pneumatic tires. According to the air pressure in the tire, the pneumatic tire can be divided into three types: high-pressure tire, low-pressure tire and ultra low-pressure tire. Low-pressure tires are commonly used in all types of cars. Pneumatic tires are divided into tube tires and tubeless tires according to their composition and structure. Tubeless tires are commonly used in cars. According to the arrangement of the tire's internal ply and buffer layer, tires can be divided into radial tires and bias tires. Radial tires are commonly used in cars. The side of the tire is marked.

According to the use of tires:

For example, the national tire standards in China, the American tire rim manual, the European tire rim standards, the Japanese tire standards, and the international tire standards are all classified by purpose, and can be divided into the following types:

Car tires-tires mounted on cars. It is mainly used for high-speed driving on good roads. The maximum driving speed can reach more than 200 km / h. It requires comfortable riding, low noise, and good maneuverability and stability. Most tire structures use a radial structure. Divided into different series according to the requirements of driving speed, the 95 and 88 series are bias tires and the 80, 75, 70 and 65 series are radial tires.

Light Duty Truck Tires-Usually refers to truck tires with a rim diameter of 16 inches or less and a cross-section width of 9 inches or more. This type of tire is mainly used on highways, and its driving speed can generally reach 80-100km / h.

Telehandler Tires

Telehandler Tires

Truck and bus tires generally refer to tires for trucks, dump trucks, various special and trailer tires with a rim diameter of 18 to 24 inches and a section width of 7 inches or more. Its driving roads are more complex, with good asphalt roads and poor gravel roads, dirt roads, muddy roads, ice roads, and even no road conditions. The driving speed generally does not exceed 80km / h.

Construction machinery tires-Construction machinery tires are mounted on special-purpose construction machinery vehicles, such as loaders, Telehandler Tires, bulldozers, excavators, levelers, rollers, and stone working machines. The driving speed is not high, but the road conditions and load performance used are demanding. Tires mainly use a bias tire structure, but for example, the French Michelin company also uses a radial structure. Classification from tire section width can be divided into two series of standard tires and wide base tires.

Off-road vehicle tires-off-road vehicles are driven front and rear. Off-road vehicle tires are mainly driven on bad roads such as deserts, muddy soils, soft soils or other roadless roads. The tires are required to have high passing performance. Off-road tires often use low pressure, and some also use pressure-regulated tires. To adjust the tire pressure. In order to improve the off-road passability, measures such as widening the tire cross-section and the rim width, and reducing the rim diameter are generally adopted in order to increase the ground contact area and reduce the ground contact pressure. In addition to the bias tire structure, the tire structure also uses a radial structure. We are Skid Steer Tires For Manufacturer, welcome to consult.