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What are the Essentials for Tire Upgrades?

Pulished on Jun. 28, 2020

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Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

1. What is the role of tire upgrade?

The tire is responsible for the contact between the car body and the ground, transmitting all the forces between the road surface and the body. To a certain extent, the performance of the car depends on the performance of the tire. However, in the modification of the walking system, as long as the diameter and width of the rim are changed (the width change is more than 1 inch), the tire of the corresponding size needs to be replaced to re-match, so the upgrade of the tire is also very common. Many car owners do not pay enough attention to tires while refitting. They think that high-performance tires have a short life and are reluctant to buy tires with better grip. In fact, it is also a short-sighted behavior. In addition to improving the car's cornering limit, high-performance tires are an investment to improve active safety. A higher steering limit means more grip can be used when changing lines quickly or bypassing obstacles. In addition, the braking distance will also be increased due to the increase in tire grip, making the effective braking force greater and shortening the braking distance. In addition, the improved grip when driving straight can effectively increase the stability of the car.

The choice of tires is a very personal thing. Every car owner's usage habits, uses, driving style, etc. of the car can't be exactly the same, so the choice of tires is not possible to generalize. Only a simple one can be used, and the more performance must be taken into consideration, the higher the cost. For example, the price will be higher than many tires that only consider comfort or handling. The tires that emphasize high-quality comprehensive driving performance are the luxury tires that have emerged with the development of sports tires, taking into account both comfort and handling. Without sacrificing quietness, comfort and fuel economy, and at the same time have good evaluations on various handling performance indicators, it seems to be more suitable for the taste of owners who treat driving pleasure rationally.

2. How to judge the characteristics of the tire?

determines the main aspects of tire performance are three: 1, tire width and height; 2, tire tread material; 3, tire tread pattern. These three aspects are both independent parameters and related to each other. Together, they determine the "three triangle sides" of tire performance.

The wider the tire, the lower the flatness ratio, which means the thinner the hollow layer in the tire, so the faster the transmission of the force, the more direct the transmission, that is, the better the steering performance of the tire, but at the same time, the comfort will be reduced The risk of flat tires will also increase significantly when the flat rate is below 40.

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