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What are the Functions of the Tire?

Pulished on Feb. 03, 2020

Mining Tires is one of the important car parts, like the feet of a car. All tires must ensure the balance of these functions. Only when we fully understand the tires and properly use and maintain the tires can we make them perform well. As a Durable Solid Tires Manufacturer, share with everyone:

Mining Tires

Mining Tires

1.Loading performance

Functions of vehicle weight load, vehicle body and occupants, and cargo load

2. Traction performance and braking performance

The transmission of power, braking, and driving, deceleration, and braking performance transmitted to the road are effectively transmitted to the road.

3.Comfort performance

The function of buffering bumps caused by unevenness on the road during driving.

4.Safety of control

Direction change and maintenance

The function of changing the direction correctly or keeping straight travel while driving.

Tips for using tires

Tires should only be dismantled by trained professionals with special equipment.

Please check whether the vehicle air pressure is normal in a completely cooled state. The correct tire pressure is good for environmental protection, safety and economy. Too high or low tire pressure is dangerous and may cause accidents or tire damage.

Tires of the same model must be used on the same shaft, and tires of different sizes or configurations must not be mixed.

When the rim is damaged or deformed, no more tires can be installed to continue using it.

When the tire is worn to the wear indication, you must not continue driving, and the tire should be replaced immediately.

When the tire cord breaks, the drum or tire wire and cord are exposed, you must stop using it immediately.

When the tire has been used for too long (more than three years), it should not be used when the ozone aging cracks on the sidewall are serious.

The surface of the tire must not come into contact with chemically corrosive substances such as oils and lipids.

The tires are swapped for half a year or every 5000 kilometers.

Agricultural tires are mainly used on tractors, combine harvesters and agricultural machinery vehicles. Forestry machinery tires are mounted on forestry tractors and forestry machinery for forestry logging, skidding, shovel and excavation. These two types of tires are not required to travel at high speeds, but they are used in harsh conditions. They often drive on poor field roads, hard stubble fields or stone roads, and even roads without roads. The tires are easily scratched. Or cut. Another feature is the intermittent operation and short mileage, but the long service life, so the tire is required to have better resistance to flex cracking and aging resistance. Tires are mainly skewed, but they also use a radial structure.

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