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What is the Nemesis of Tires?

Pulished on May. 12, 2020

As a Tires For Skid Steer Manufacturer, share with you. The car is composed of many large and small parts. In most people's perception, the more important car should be the engine and gearbox, but in addition, the tires are also very important. After all, even if there is power, there is no way for the car to continue driving without wheels. And the tire bears the weight of the entire car and the ground contact, so the normal wear and tear are also very serious, and there are many things that will wear the tire. In fact, the biggest nemesis of tires is not nails, but these humble little things!

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

First of all, there are potholes on the road. Although the roads now tend to be flat, there are still some places that are more pothole dirt roads. In addition, at the end of the year is approaching, many car owners will drive home by themselves. Although there should be no major problems in thinking of reducing the speed, in fact, this is very harmful to the tires, and it will likely appear at that time. The situation of the tire bulge!

The second is road traffic, because there is a shortage of parking spaces, or there is a temporary incident, car owners will choose to park the car next to the road traffic. But parking is also very skillful. If it is parked incorrectly, it will definitely cause increased damage to the car tires, and it may even scratch the side walls and face a flat tire.

Finally, the manhole cover on the road, because people often drive on the road, and in some places, the manhole cover is slightly raised, so the damage is great. After all, the repeated bumps can easily deform the tire and will also face a burst The risk of fetal!

Most car owners' tire maintenance is mainly based on routine inspections. For some important and easily overlooked, tire maintenance knowledge still has blind spots.

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