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What are the Precautions for ForkLift Tires Wear?

Pulished on Feb. 17, 2020

As a Telehandler Tires Manufacturer, share with you.

(1) Raise the maintenance quality of the chassis and conduct wheel alignment inspection and correction in a timely manner to ensure that the toe and camber angle meet the design requirements; check whether the rim is cracked, deformed, and obviously corroded; if necessary, repair or replace it with high quality in time Wheel rims, to ensure that the rims match the tires; timely fill with grease and adjust the wheel bearing, tie rod ball joints, and king pin bushing clearances to the design value in accordance with the regulations; maintain the balance of the tires, and perform dynamic balance tests on the wheels if unbalanced; Exhaust inspection of the valve is often performed to determine whether the tire has been filled with oil. Once oil is found in the tire, the tire should be removed immediately for cleaning. At the same time, check the air seal and put the tire in the greenhouse when the tire is changed in winter to restore the elasticity of the tire. When installing the rim, apply soap liquid to the tire tread to prevent damage to the mouth; the new platform should be used after driving for about 200km before normal use; the brake drum shoe gap should be adjusted to the design value without dragging; The hydraulic cylinder should be free of oil leakage to prevent oil from dripping onto the tire and soaking the rubber; the lateral and radial swing of the wheel assembly should meet the requirements.

Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

(2) Improve driving technology. Slowly raise the clutch pedal when starting, and start smoothly; the maximum speed per hour should not exceed the speed limit of the tire level when driving; avoid sudden acceleration, braking and steering during driving. Pay attention to rough, sharp and sharp materials scattered on the road during driving. When encountering obstacles such as stones and potholes, you should slow down or avoid them.

(3) Reasonably select and match the tire specifications of ForkLift Tires according to the static load generated by the forklift's own weight and cargo weight, and the dynamic load generated by the forklift while driving, taking into consideration factors such as road surface and vehicle speed; the tire should be installed on the rim of the specified specifications The same axle should be equipped with tires of the same brand, specification, pattern and tier; the entire vehicle should be coaxially replaced when changing tires; the tires used should be compatible with the maximum design speed; When assembling tires with less trauma and light wear, the front wheels should be fitted with tires with less trauma and light wear. After the tires are replaced, the air pressure should be readjusted according to the requirements of the changed tire positions; the appropriate tread pattern should be selected according to the driving conditions; For patterned tires, pay attention to the markings of the wheel rolling direction.

(4) Pay attention to the load balance of the cargo to prevent tire overload. The method of increasing tire pressure cannot be used to compensate for tire overload.

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