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Will the Tire Change in 3 years?

Pulished on Mar. 27, 2020

As a Mining Tires Manufacturer, share with you.

The performance of a tire is important for maintaining the safety and efficiency of the vehicle. But at some point, the tires will start to intensify wear and tear, and the loss of traction and braking capacity has a great impact on our safety. At this time we need some skills to measure whether our 16 Inch Skid Steer Tires can still be used.

In fact, the safety of tires has a great relationship with our daily driving environment, rather than a decisive factor at a specific time. Therefore, I have summarized a few methods to determine whether our tires have reached a critical value.

Mining Tires

Mining Tires

01 Measure tire depth

The main function of the tire tread is to transfer water from under the tire to improve traction and avoid slipping on wet roads. Once the tread pattern size drops to 0.16 cm, the tire is no longer safe, and this value is not absolute, depending on the tire's safety instructions.

In order to achieve accurate measurements, we should measure several pattern depths of a tire, and use the average value to verify that the tire meets the standard. If the average value is less than the range of 0.16 cm, then we should replace the tire.

02 Irregular wear

If irregular tread wear is found, this may indicate improper wheel suspension or inflation pressure. Regardless of the specific cause, uneven tread wear is a standard for changing tires or maintaining.

If the extreme tire wear is very serious, or the tire wears much faster than expected, we should check the suspension and correct it as needed before changing the tire.

03 Check if there are abnormal bumps or bubbles on the side wall

The tire side is the surface facing the outside of the hub when the tire is parked. The bumps indicate that the tire's rigid inner frame has been damaged and cracked, so that the air pressure reaches the flexible outer layer of the tire. Regardless of the condition of the tread, any tire with raised sidewalls should be replaced immediately.

04 If you feel the steering wheel shake, please balance the tires

If the tires wear unevenly, you may feel steering wheel vibration while driving. If vibrations start at a speed of 60 to 80 km / h and increase with speed, you may need to balance the tires. If this does not stop the vibration, the tire is likely to be damaged and needs to be completely replaced.

05 Check whether the tire is cracked

If you find a few cracks in the tire, the rubber is cracking. The cracked table may fall off and separate from the steel strip, thereby damaging it. In some cases, the wheels may rot before the tread begins to thin, so we should replace them.

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